The Problem with TSU…and it ain’t bout the money.

If you are wasting a big chunk of your day fooling around with various Social Media sites while you should be earning a living, maybe you should check out….I reluctantly took the invitation to visit and I was earning money in very little time. ┬áBut I really don’t care about the revenues…it really is about the content for me. ┬áThere is interesting content being posted on, and yes you have to filter out some crap…but it is still an enjoyable time spent.

At first things were slow to develop. I got set up, learned some things and started liking others postings. earnings in tsu begin when you share and comment with your friends and followers.

Here’s my site.. . Friend me and follow these simple steps.

Leave Comments on every post, try for 1000 comments per day and check your earnings next day. Post comments so every one starts a comment. Invite more folks so you can earn from others working daily. Should at least 8 post, Submit new 25 posts per day. Send friend requests along with follow. Now go! Payday awaits.